” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” continuation is about to leave pat big list elder sister to still want to perform demon form female

Be in early last year ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” just leave when patting, the big Jenny that express elder sister Fulaolunsi says frankly ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” will be she acts demon form for the last time female this one part, will not receive again later pat ” X battle alarm ” the film.

Subsequently we also know she is because of demon form female specially good effect makes up affected oneself healthy ability to make such decision, although broad filmgoer people the following to her demit acts express to be not abandoned, but most person also expresses to understand. Recently, fulaolunsi is accepting Jenny when interviewing, express of Caesarean magazine however, oneself yearn for the regression in the work in future very much.

The idea that Lawrence conveys him however with yearning for regression very much (former word is I Am Dying To Come Back) , she states she likes the movie of this series very much, very enjoy in participating in its, I also like this to plant very much group of play movies, on the shoulder that won’t carry pressure in certain person. And she also discloses, oneself are in ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” in only fraction moment is with blue mutation configuration shows a body, the time that also may be graph dye shortened greatly, let her herself won’t feel to have much anguish again.

Of course, this also is not to say to express elder sister to perform follow-up work with respect to regular meeting ginseng greatly, disclose according to director Bulaienxinge, ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” be from ” X battle alarm: The first battle ” since of trilogy terminative piece, include Michael Er method Sibinde, Zhanmusi Maikawoyi, Nigulasihuoerte inside, they are returned whether who to return to in future bad also to say.

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