Visual fiction play ” chocolate and vanilla ” announce animation is changed

In Japan annals of the oldest colleague sells meeting Comike to go up namely, neko Works atelier announces will visual fiction play ” chocolate and vanilla ” animation is changed. Specific nevertheless show date and the detail information about animation to was not announced along with all the others. ” chocolate and vanilla ” renown ” feline woman Eden ” , set is in a mankind and feline woman’s concomitant world. Leading role acts a boss of bake labour mill, collect woman of two feral cats to bring back them the home forms employ to concern, deepen understanding each other gradually. ” chocolate and vanilla ” the color is lighter, pornographic content is to sell a site, do not know TV animation to be able to be patted after all what kind of. ” chocolate and vanilla ” animation edition did not affirm show date, also did not divulge content grade locates. If in make it time if cannot show extensively, make it child for time if feel the hotspot that do not have what again, it is to give only probably ” chocolate and vanilla Vol.4 ” conduct propaganda is built situation. ” chocolate and vanilla ” series is being hit on Steam lose sales promotion, complete half price closing market 62 yuan, have numerous in.

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