[precious jade the practice of column seafood congee] – of authentic practice of _ of _ delicious practice

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Likelihood everybody hears of rarely in the life precious jade column, but dried scallop often should hear of, and precious jade column and dried scallop are same actually a breed. Precious jade column is a kind of seafood that does after use scallop insolation kind product, and precious jade column because its mouthfeel and appearance and abalone are a little similar, be called by people accordingly little abalone. Accordingly most often use precious jade the method of column takes it namely do congeeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, what is because this preciouses jade,the practice of column seafood congee?

Precious jade the practice of column seafood congee

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Precious jade column (Scallops) common calls column of Yao of column of dried scallop, Gan Yaozhu, pen shell, waists-coat column, jade, honey fourth, Jiang Yao column, actual it is the floorboard that a variety of shellfish shut housing flesh to do product. Lever a Jiang Yao to be obliged the dried scallop of finger tip size, be the curiosa of pay intribute royalty in ancient times.

Because its taste delicious one of ” of Hai Bazhen of the ” that be made by the row, the beauty that element has ” of ” seafood highest grade praise. Now although the everywhere in the supermarket can be bought, but big dried scallop still costly, bilge with bead form abdomen especially satisfactory, colour and lustre is shallow yellow, feel is dry and have sweet smell, the sweet and so on that answer pleasant is delicacy of mouthfeel tender glutinous beautiful.

Precious jade Gan Xianping of column sex flavour, filling kidney of functional method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at in lienal attune. ” a book on Chinese medicine anew ” in saying it can enrage tone below ” , 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Benefit the five internal organs, the effect; of cure disappear thirsty ” ” a book on Chinese medicine is begged former ” say it has ” grow true back, stop the result of pee ” . Precious jade column is contained rich protein pledges with a few iodine, effect is as adjacent as algal, kelp, but it contains very full-bodied scent, smell is nicer, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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More delicious, no matter do advocate what expect or add dish is delicate. What Gan Yaozhu contains the in part that quantity of heat is sausage or bacon, and adipose content moreLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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1/20 be bacon, it is the fine quality goods of the woman’s very good healthy cultivate one’s moral character reducing weight.

Precious jade the practice of column seafood congee

Precious jade the practice of column seafood congee

With makings: Rice, base surround shrimp a jin, swimming crab a jin, clam half jins, dried scallop 3, celery, ginger, green

Precious jade column seafood congee practice

1. dried scallop uses cooking wine immersion, add two ginger, gai Gaizheng a hour, pare with the hand broken.

2. rice is abluent, add water, add dried scallop to break, boil thick white congee.

3. radical surrounds shrimp abluent go first, open a back to go black line. Shrimp head uses a few oily stir-fry before stewing, get Gong Gong’s shrimp sauce.

4. swimming crab is abluent, lift lid, purify is branchial wait for inedible part, everything 4.

Precious jade the practice of column seafood congee

5. clam immerses completely with clear bath.

6. ginger cuts into shreds, celery cuts end, green cuts end.

7. is moved to conflagration, add end of ginger silk celery, swimming crab.

8. boils a few minutes, add shrimp to add clam, boil to shrimp red clam starts to talk.

9. adds salt to flavor.

10. Sa Cong is beautiful, irrigate shrimp sauce.

11. involves the table on fire.

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