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The nutrient value of cherry is very tall, a lot of people at ordinary timesShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Like to eat cherry, the squid also is the food that we often eat, nevertheless a lot of people fear cherry and squid cannot eat together, actually cherry and squid are OK of edible, an edible is right healthy won’t have what effect, 2Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Planting is the food with nutrient higher value ratio, contain a lot of kinds of microelement that human body place needs, often eat beneficial to the body.

Can cherry and squid eat together?

With what cannot the squid eat together?

(1) avoid and tomato eat together, the meeting is aggravating nephritic burden

(The orange with 2) avoid and vitamin C high contentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Kind the fruit is fed together, the meeting is toxic.

(3) general seafood avoid drinks, because alcohol is added,seafood can enhance allergic reaction.

Can cherry and squid eat together?

Cherry cannot eat together with what

Cherry cannot eat with seafood, be like sea fish, sea crab, langouste, holothurian wait to eat together. Because of cherry and these seafood eats together can produce a stomachForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Alvine path peristalsis is unusual allergic perhaps reaction.

Cherry shoulds not be and dog meat, the beef flesh that fills greatly kind eat together. Because cherry belongs to bad temper food, ate agnail of meeting get angry to cause a few basic.

Hypertensive patient is unfavorable also eat cherry more, cherry eats much can cause blood pressure to lift.

Eating ginseng or when the cordial of sex of isotherm of the bark of eucommia, aweto, unfavorable also excessive eats cherry, ate to hematic heat is filled too and can appear body unwell phenomenon.

Cherry also shoulds not be and the fruit of Great Cold is like Shan Zhu, pear eats together. Ate to fall with respect to bamboo of meeting occurrence hill and pear short of together igneous effect.

Cherry is OK with peach and Chinese flowering quince a kind fruit eats together, but want avoid to eat overmuch.

Cherry cannot with cucumber (namely, green melon) eat together, because both feed together, cucumber is decomposed mediumly enzymatic the VC in can destroying cherry

Cherry is unfavorable still eat together with carrot and animal liver, ate alimental nutrition value to be able to sell at a discount greatly.

Can cherry and squid eat together?

The action of cherry and effect

1, fight anaemia, stimulative sanguification cherry contains iron the volume is high, first what be located in all sorts of fruits. Iron is the raw material that synthesizes red protein of human body haemoglobin, muscle, the process waits in human body immunity, protein synthesis and energy metabolization in, producing main effect, also wait with cerebrum and nerve function, anile process at the same time having affinity. Often feed cherry the demand that can estimate to iron element inside additional system, stimulative haemoglobin second birth, can prevent and cure already the sex that be short of iron is anaemic, can enhance a constitution again, beneficial of be good at head wisdom.

2, when hives of hives of prevention and cure is popular, to children drinkable cherry juice can prevent infection. Cherry nucleus has the effect of the sudoriferous detoxify that appear rash.

3, dispel the wind is gotten the better of wet, sex of the cherry that kill insect is tepid, hold the meritorious service that provides vital energy of the beneficial in filling concurrently, can dehumidify of dispel the wind, have fine effect sorely to rheumatism waist leg. Cherry root still has the very strong drive bug, effect that kill insect, but drive kills ascarid, pinworm, tapeworm to wait.

4, receive experience of acerbity acetanilide folk to make clear, cherry can be treated burn scald, convergence arrives since acetanilide, prevent to handle bubbly purulent function. At the same time cherryShanghai noble baby

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Still can treat light, heavy spend frostbite.

5, raise colour nutrition of the cherry that be stationed in a look is rich, what contain C of protein, candy, phosphor, carotene, vitamin to wait to all compare apple, pear tall, contain iron especially the volume is high, inunction of juice of commonly used cherry is facial reach furrow point, can make facial skin ruddy tender white, go knitting disappear spot.

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