[pee suckles white] – of reason of _ darling _

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 Pee grandma white is commonner in the life of this kind of circumstance in us, do not attribute pathology phenomenon, basically be the season that produces in chill, meeting influence jams to fluid of patient occurrence make water wait for a problem, so proposal mom should want to treat this kind of condition in time. Pee suckles white to prove to oxalic acid calcium is contained in uric fluid, this is the expressional symptom that causes kidney stone very easily, what does the expressional symptom that everybody can want to understand uric fluid color to be aimed at have.

 Pee suckles white

How does grandma of darling make water return a responsibility in vain

Uric fluid bleachs great majority won’t be pathology phenomenon. Be in especially cold season, the uric fluid of darling is whiten, basically be by the thing containing calcium such as phosphoric acid calcium, oxalic acid calcium and calcium carbonate is gotten in make water, slant in the acid-base value of uric fluid alkalescent when produced precipitation be caused by. This is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon, because the infant’s kidney is returned not development is perfect be caused by. But if uric fluid becomes ivory, it is small at one’s convenience contains many purulent cell likely so, should make further check to the hospitalShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city Forum of Shanghai night netCheck.

 Pee suckles white

Different color shows fluid of darling make water different symptom

1, there is pink li[……]

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[it what get angry of 3 years old of children eats is good that what get angry of 3 years old of children eats] how does _ children _ eat –

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Child of 3 years old has not drunk powdered milk almost, they can take this time various food, and this moment has let most guardians the food that the child and parent eatA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a citySame, it is OK to want periodic to do composition of a few nutritions to compare fast food to the child only, but the child still may appear the phenomenon of a few get angry, especially summer when, so what does get angry of 3 years old of children eat to had been compared?

It what get angry of 3 years old of children eats is good that what get angry of 3 years old of children eats

Darling of 3 years old has been a young adult, such child can have eaten a lot of food, because the existence of all sorts of reasons is compared,also appear easily the state of suffer from excessive internal heat. Actually get angry of 3 years old of darlings can undertake falling through all sorts of measure fire. The article will introduce darling get angry 3 years old what to eat to fall in detail fire. Also introduced the 3 big errors of parent of darling get angry 3 years old.

It what get angry of 3 years old of children eats is good that what get angry of 3 years old of children eats

What does get angry of 3 years old of darling eat to fall fire

Suffer from excessive internal heat drink boiled water to fall more fire

Drinking water is the best method that discharges poison, through drinking water weLove Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seathe toxin inside body of enough dilute of body physical ability, pass uric fluid eduction. Carry and absorb character in nurture, of gas carry and of child of exchange, metabolization carry with in excreting, water is[……]

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[hind of stream of people bleeds a few days again too] – of reason of _ origin _

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Operation of stream of people is a kind of very familiar abortion pattern at ordinary times, usually, most female is in finish after abortive operation, it is to be able to the circumstance of haemorrhage happens more or less, this is normal phenomenon, but unlike worried too too, but must observe haemorrhage is measured, if haemorrhage measures more word, it is to need to go to a hospital in time seeing a doctor, haveLove Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaSome stream of people is postpartum and clean, but passed a few days to bleed again, how is this to return a responsibility?

Hind of stream of people bleeds a few days again too

Is a few days passing to bleed again after stream of people how to return a responsibility?

If female friend bleeds clean to began to bleed again later in induced abortion operation, with respect to the likelihood existence is affected or have the case that organizes remain. Need goes to a hospital checking. If the doctor says to do not have infection, also do not have rudimental word, because overworked is excessive,that may be rehabilitate of the uterus after the operation that cause is undesirable. Need female friend notices to rest more later in induced abortion operation.

Hind of stream of people bleeds a few days again too

The note after stream of people

1, the attention rests. Female friend is after induced abortion operation, must notice to rest. The operation does not rise immediately later, and should rest two hours in the hospital. Such doctors can observe uterine systole and vaginal haemorrhage cir[……]

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[the child can drink red wine] _ children _ can be drunk –

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1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Red wine is the wine that a kind of a lot of people like to drink, drink red wine right amountly, be the health that can promote human body greatly. But although red wine is good, but not all however person can drink, because there is certain alcohol content in red wine, so to the child, best and bad to drink red wine to them. Because dot drinks the harm of red wine,still be very big. Below, introduce the relevant knowledge of red wine for everybody!

Can the child drink red wine

1, the harm that the child drinks red wine is great

Is the harm that the child drinks red wine great? The child drinks red wine the harm is great. The child had better not drink red wine, the child is in grow growth phase, function of a lot of organs is diseased. The alcohol in red wine is pricked1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touchStimulate body growth, the aldehyde that alcohol metabolizes returns responsibility of can aggravating kidney, go against a child healthy.

Affect body organ growth. Child liver development is immature, can aggravating liver decomposes alcohol the burden of alcohol, alcohol has the effect that accelerates heartbeat and haemal circulation, long-term and drinkable red wine goes against child heart development.

Affect cerebrum growth. The alcohol in red wine spurs growth of system of child central nervous, serious person occurrence stunt, intelligence leaves demote question.

Affect gustatory growth. Red wine belongs to a revi[……]

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[nosebleed inpour throat is phlegmy it is blood completely] _ is phlegmy in – of inducement of _ of origin of the _ that carry blood

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Nose is the position with very significant human body, but nose often incidental disease problem, for instance of rhinitis and so on. And rhinitis cannot be cured, because the sort of rhinitis is more. Should have treatment according to particular case. Shedding nosebleed is a kind of circumstance with commonner people, the cause that sorts nosebleed is complex. Because ofForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netThe body classics regular meeting that is people produces the change that all sorts of expect are less than, the phenomenon that so nose happening bleeds also is such, just is nosebleed inpour throat phlegmy be how blood returns a responsibility completely?

Nosebleed inpour throat is phlegmy it is blood completely

Spit after nosebleed have blood

Generally speaking, go out1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiAfter showing nosebleed, spit to also have blood, because nasal cavity and pharynx and larynx are interlinked,be, the blood inside nasal cavity can be poured out of from nostril commonly, but likely also because of posture reason, if admire a head to bring about partial blood,shed a guttural department via nose pharynx ministry backward, and phlegmy sticky together, blooded circumstance spits after occurrence nosebleed thereby. This is normaller phenomenon. nosebleed hemostatic, depend, if appear no longer phlegmy in take blood to need not worry completely. Drivel is to be able to be spat occasionally those who come, this brings about people to misunderstand drivel namely is phlegmy prime cause.


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[why be pregnant the stomach will be uncomfortable] _ stomach is uncomfortable – of reason of _ pregnancy _

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Be pregnant the body of the female in the process needs to absorb many nutrition, such ability are quite compensatory and fetal the place that grow must nutrient composition. But many females are pregnant the condition with sick stomach has been experienced in the process, uncomfortable great influence went to the stomach to be digested of the appetite of a female and gastric ministry normally with absorb. SoLove Shanghai is the same as city forum Love Shanghai is the same as a cityAt that time female friends should understand, why be pregnant stomach of generation of the meeting in the process is uncomfortable semiotic reason.

 Why be pregnant the stomach will be uncomfortable

Just was pregnant the main reason with uncomfortable stomach is the chorion inside pregnant woman body hormone of hurried sexual gland becomes very much, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted become less, so gastric ministry food digests speed to become slower, appear easily without appetite, giddy, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Love Shanghai is the same as city forumThe body does not have effort symptom, the food that likes to take sick at heart and be fed up with fat food, and rise to appear particularly easily in the morning disgusting vomiting reaction, do not need to undertake special processing commonly, after going to 12 weeks, the chorion inside the body closes to sexual gland hormone drops, this kind of symptom can disappear, appetite also is met slowly promotion.

 Why be pregnant the stomach will be uncomfortable

Want to alleviate be pregnant the symptom with inchoate uncomfortable stomach, everybody should[……]

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[be pregnant how does earlier damp do again] how does inchoate _ handle pregnant of _ damp heavy _ –

Article introduction

Pregnant woman is special physiology period, no matter be to be in the life, still be in other sides, we should take seriously rise, can cause miscarriage likely carelessly a little slink perhaps, damp is very common at ordinary times againForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night neta kind of phenomenon, the phenomenon with heavy damp appeared when some females are pregnant, most pregnant woman againFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneAppear this kind of circumstance when, often worry particularly, do not know how to should have done?

Be pregnant how does earlier damp do again

Be pregnant how does earlier damp do again?

1, the damp in avoiding an environment

Damp has very big concern with the environment again, so accurate mom should avoid the damp in the environment as far as possible, damp weather does not go out as far as possible, and door window should have closed. Accurate mom do not wear the dress that does not have air, the quilt also wants to often be basked in, the body and hair should be wiped after bathing. If the damp inside the room is heavy also, can adjust through air conditioning.

2, pass dietotherapy dispel wet

A few food can help us reduce damp, for instance ormosia, the seed of Job’s tears, tuckahoe have the effect with wet dispel, accurate mom can be in dailyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forumUse them appropriately to boil water to drink, can help body dispel wet, still can have the effect of hairdressing.

3, raise sport appropriately

Damp happ[……]

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[1 concealed of Di is cracked how to do] _ Di concealed cracks _ to treat _ tweak –

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1 concealed cracks sacrum existence of this kind of disease is congenital invisible Di vertebra is cracked and lumbar sacrum concealed is cracked wait for a symptom, this kind of symptom can bring about the body to come on the place existence crackle of place, if we move to perhaps injure relevant place, can cause symptom of sacrum occurrence cracked, serious effect arrives to be propped up skeletally, when sacrum so 1 concealed is cracked when, we should want to adopt accurate method to undertake remedial it.

1 concealed of Di is cracked how to do

1, vertebra of congenital recessive Di is cracked how should treat

This kind of disease is chronic, want what to take drug for a long time prepare in order to manage. Wanting as soon as possible and active cure result only still is pretty good.

Medication: ?  of favour of pa of ┘ of hurry of Nao of  be soiled?

Close cure: 1% procaine or 1% lidocaine 5-10ml, add prednisone dragon 25-50mg, pain spot closes, unfavorable penetrate into is too deep, stab hard back in case film andShanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a citySpinal cord.

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiAcupuncture treatment.

Massage, physiotherapy.

Does nerve block sluggish treat: ? Shaddock of ね of rotten material of take along sth to sb of Buddhist templeput on the brakes aning enclosure for storing grain dash forward Lou? 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiBe in charge of block sluggish. Infuse 2% lidocaine 10ml, add B1300- of prednisone dragon 50-75mg, vitaminForum of 100[……]

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[infantile room opens air conditioning note] _ darling _ notices problem –

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New student because just arrived a new environment, organ of function of a lot of bodies, immunity did not reach normal level, when be being taken care of so must great attention, do not want to be compared with adult photograph. The condition in the home compares good parents to be able to give child buy baby the room, the air conditioning temperature that does not pass infantile house must measurable, control in 27 degrees commonly, should not be too low, cannot experience with the temperature of adult more compare.

Infantile room opens air conditioning note

Infantile room opens air conditioning, the air conditioning that suits darling temperature

Temperature of infantile air conditioning also is to have cultured, our adult can bear inferior air conditioning temperature, but to darling, the temperature that blows air conditioning cannot pass low. The appropriate temperature that darling blows air conditioning should be in 27 ℃ – 28 ℃ , be in with the difference in temperature outdoor 3-5 ℃ is advisable. General proposal is in 25 ℃ – 28 ℃ , best can be in 27 ℃ – 28 ℃ .

And to after all what temperature is proper, the expert introduces, outside becomingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an area35 ℃ or indoor temperature exceed prep above of bound air temperature 28 ℃ – when 30 ℃ , can make darling body generation unwell, this moment is necessary to opened air conditioning to drop in temperature. Average temperature control is in 25 ℃ – 28 ℃ , than the low 3- outdoorShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble5[……]

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[massage anus takes prostate fluid] how does _ of _ extraction method extract –

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More and more people had begun to realize healthy value now, so people thinks all sorts of method undertake maintaining oneself body. But it is very necessary that annual body is checked in the round, especially to a few males, common disease problem is prostate disease problem, and the method that still needs to notice to undertake checking to prostate. It is OK that massage anus takes prostate fluid detect the circumstance of problem of human body disease, how to just massage anus to take prostate fluid to should be done?

Massage anus takes prostate fluid

Although major person is right check-up is very active, but accomplish truly as a result of all sorts of reasons ” completeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Love Shanghai is the same as city forumThe face is checked ” the person is not much, hinder to escape certain inspection at face for the most part among them, little imagine, some diseases are diagnosed still must rely on these examinations, to our man family, the patient’s most awkward nothing is more… than ” explode chrysanthemum ” , but pass to the doctor ” explode chrysanthemum ” , can undertake of superior grade of colour of rectum of examination of prostate touch, prostate fluid, classics is checked, have higher value to diagnosing a disease.

So, the need with male common family ” explode chrysanthemum ” what does the examination have?

1, prostate touch

There are bladder, prostate and spermatic gland before male rectum, the doctor is passed ” feel rectum ” the size that can know prostat[……]

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